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iPatientCare EHR is a robust medical EHR tailored for providers. It is affordable and contains all the templates and features you need.


  • NO license fees, NO upfront charges

  • Cloud-based so does not require providers to invest in expensive servers and host software in their offices.

  • iPatientCare EHR ensures HIPAA compliance of Servers and takes care of daily backups, disaster recovery, and giving secure access to providers, thus relieving providers of the major IT security burdens.

  • Last but not least, providers own their data at all times. iPatientCare EHR returns all data if providers decide to discontinue using iPatientCare EHR technology and services. Export fees may apply. 


Patient Portal

Increase patient engagement by utilizing our online patient portal. Patients can access from any device to check on their appointment information, see their billing statements, read patient education material, and report their updated vitals. Patients can also communicate directly with their provider by using the built in secure messaging system.
The patient portal can also be configured to allow your patients to schedule their own appointments and complete a virtual visit prior to their appointment.


Hot Spot Notes

The hotspot technology shortens the clinical decision-making process for the clinician. Simply point and click on the specific location of the clinical findings.
Subluxation, hypertonicity, tenderness, edema, active and latent trigger points are easily identified and located with one point of the mouse. In addition, the selections provide a fluent workflow of the decision process as the clinician logically moves throughout the note system.


SOAP Note Templates

  • Flexible, portable and customizable SOAP Notes structure

  • Pre-loaded and ready to use templates available to pick from the extensive list

  • Effortlessly set workflow that allows easy document in the treatment

  • History of Present Illness (HPI) is where users can add and view details about the patient's current chief complaint

  • Pre-loaded Chiropractic templates available in the system that enables a provider to quickly assess the patient’s condition from the previous visit and make fast changes make the Record encounter specific.

Examination Templates

  • Dermatome

  • Inspection

  • Active Range of Motion

  • Passive Range of Motion

  • Palpation

  • Muscle Exam

  • Orthopedic Exam

  • Neurovascular Exam

  • Reflexes

  • and more!

Treatment Templates

  • Treatment Therapy

  • Treatment Plan

  • Treatment Schedule

  • Modality/Procedures

  • Techniques

  • Discussion

Pain Assessment &
Follow Up

  • Visual analog scale (VAS)

  • Verbal numeric rating scale (VRNS)

  • Verbal Descriptor Scale (VDS)

  • All Outcome Assessment Tool

  • and more!


Fully equipped to meet the requirements of the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA), which established the Quality Payment Program for Medicare. The new law requires quality measures, advancing care information measures, and improvement activities to be collected with your performance reported to Medicare for reimbursement. Your future payment for services will be dependent upon your performance in the value-based delivery system.
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