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Customized billing solutions and end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management Solutions so you get paid more and faster through a single partner. Our unique approach helps you to manage the business of healthcare in every way.

RCM Features

Traditionally, Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services have been offered by outsourced
medical billing and coding services ranging from 5% to 12% of monthly collections. These charges are in addition to many other costs already incurred by your office, such as, the servers (if hosted on premises) or
hosting, EHR and PMS setup, training, support/subscription, and Clearing House fees.

BPA EHR offers a Cloud-based EHR and integrated Practice Management System sofware through iPatientCare, and has been transforming RCM services at rates of with rates from 5.8% of monthly collections to as low as 4.6%! This monthly price includes FREE Cloud-based ONC Certified EHR and PMS technology. It also includes efficient, responsive and accountable billing implementation and back-office services that give more than 98% first-pass claims submission and efficient A/R follow-up/denial management.



  • An end-to-end Integrated Technology solution

  • Integrated appointment scheduling and Eligibility verification modules

  • FREE Meaningful Use Compliant EHR

  • Six levels of edits including custom edits

  • 98% first-pass acceptance

  • Dedicated single-point-of contact for the complete solution and services

  • Cloud based solution facilitating - You see what we see

  • Extensive reporting and dashboards

  • 24x7 availability with disaster recovery

  • Experienced billing professionals

  • Tremendous time/cost saving and cash flow improvement

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